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Dedicated Case Management Software
Process SSA and Verteran Disability Claims

Olivia practice management software will enable you to process Social Security and Veteran disability claims from any location. This unique advocate case processing software contains a collection of powerful tools specifically designed to bring greater speed, ease and efficiency to the social security disability process.  Olivia is designed to increase your win rate, reduce case processing time and improve customer service. Take our free Olivia video tour.  Interested in becoming a professional Social Security Disability Advocate?  Click Here.


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Low Price GuarenteeOur exclusive Olivia Prime case management software enables you to deliver a superior advocacy service at a very low price. It also enables you to more effectively compete by providing superior technical capabilities exclusive to our software.

Other Olivia Cost Advantages Include:
Low Cost Annual Subscriptions
� Free Technical Support
� Free Olivia Software Training
� No Annual Maintenance Fees
� Sub-account Volume Discounts

Every dime you save when operating an advocacy service translates into real profit for your business. Save thousands per year by ordering your Olivia Prime subscription today!
Automated PaperworkOlivia Prime contains a host of unique case processing tools that enable you to process more cases with less work over a shorter period of time.   Automated tools include but are not limited to our exclusive Case Assessor, Vocational Analyzer, Argument Composer, Form Adviser, Video Ops, Market Builder and MORE!

These unique Olivia tools enable you to control all aspects of a disability case from intake to billing. Olivia also contains a powerful client communication system that enables you to securely exchange data with your clients. Olivia even contains a complete marketing platform designed to attract customers to your service.

Every minute saved when operating an advocacy service translates into potential profit for your business.  Make your advocacy service more profitable by ordering your Olivia Subscription today!
 Yes, Olivia Prime is a cloud-based program with total operational mobility. But we didn't stop there!  Your Olivia account also includes our new Olivia Mobile (OM) interview scheduling application for advocates on the go. 

Exchanging case related information in public is a security risk.  With OM you can input a client's contact information and quickly schedule a future interview from your smart-phone or mobile device.  OM automatically sends an interview invitation to the client and verifies the client's acceptance.

Enjoy unprecedented operational mobility by ordering your Olivia Subscription today!
Advocate MarketingIn today's more competitive advocate market, you need more than just practice management software to succeed. You need Olivia Prime!  Olivia Prime contains a host of exclusive customer attracting tools that make it easy to solicit new clients. 

Our Olivia marketing tools are the most cost effective way to attract customers while simultaneously improving your search engine optimization. The Olivia marketing tools are designed to strengthen and expand your presences in the online marketplace.

Every new customer you attract translates into potential profit for your advocacy service. Attract more customers by ordering your Olivia Subscription today!
Customer ServiceOlivia Prime is the only legal case management software that contains built-in client services tools. Each of these services are designed to improve the quality of a customer's experience.

A popular Olivia client service is the ability to
assign a control panel. Clients love this feature because it enables them to easily communicate and exchange data with the representative. Olivia also contains our exclusive Case Progress Meter. The Meter let's you to send case progress reports to clients with the click of a button. The meter keeps the client informed and reassured while reducing your workload!

The ability to improve a client's experience will give your service a tremendous competitive advantage over others in the field. Take this advantage by ordering your Olivia Subscription today!
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Purchase a three year subscription to our Olivia Prime case management software and get our exclusive Ultimate training program at no charge!  A $989.00 value free with this special.  Click Here to purchase your 3 year Olivia subscription with free advocate training package.



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